The appeal of the land crossed with the perception of the importance of agriculture in our culture, in our Portugal, because if there is one thing we have it's this potential: water, climate, land...

An appeal that gave rise to an estate called Barroqueira where we decided to dedicate 20 hectares to the vineyard, an investment that we want to transform into a family legacy, to creates the conditions for the generations that follow in the Seixas Correia family to maintain the desire for simplicity, the bucolic and the pleasures of life.


The wine from Adega do Sôr was born from the will of a family that knew nothing about wines and vineyards: ours. It was on a Sunday trip to Montargil that we decided to visit Ponte de Sôr. It was close by and would be another place to explore and, perhaps, to add to our list of places that we love to discover and make known.

The Seixas Correia family is made up of places, people, experiences… We went and were immediately enchanted by the atypical Alentejo town. It's not the typical region of Alentejo with plains as far as the eye can see, with cork oak forests, the houses are not as whitewashed as our collective imagination, but the peace, tranquility and lightness that we are so passionate about... are there…